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Fo Shizzle Tuesday, 10/14/03, 1:29 PM
Where the PARP is everybody at?? Holla
From: City of Compton
Fo Shizzle Tuesday, 10/14/03, 1:29 PM
From: City of Compton
Pope Thursday, 6/19/03, 2:16 PM
This Deke guy is Rad!!! He put a Parp sticker on the Pope Mobile.
From: Rome
President Micheal Adams Wednesday, 6/11/03, 1:33 PM
I rule the world.
From: Athens, GA
Eric Rudolph Tuesday, 6/3/03, 8:49 AM
I sure was bored in the woods the last five years. The only entertainment I had was reading Parp articles that my friend David Duke would bring me. Looks like I'll be in the chair soon. Roll Tide.
From: somewhere in the woods near Murphy, NC
E-mail:  onmyto
Neil Calloway Friday, 5/16/03, 11:43 AM
I got so upset at the poor judgement of Michael Johnson, Bruce Thornton and others that I decided to drink myself silly and drive around in the country. I have a feeling my own bad jurdgement has kept me from receiving an invitation to join PARP. I have to go. Someone is trying to porkback me.
From: Jail

Fred Gibson, Micheal Johnson, Bruce Thornton Thursday, 5/15/03, 10:07 AM
Poor Judgement = no invitation to join PARP.
From: Athens, GA
Frank Watkins Monday, 5/12/03, 9:30 AM
Excellent Idea.  
From: Chattanooga, TN
Rhonda Goatback Tuesday, 5/6/03, 10:58 AM
Ted's my nephew and he's not stanky enough for those slimeballs at Alabamer.
From: Jester, TN
David Bowie Friday, 5/2/03, 8:25 AM
Wham Bam Parp You Mam. Parp til you Drop.
From: Stankville, MS
Shawna Goatback Porkfoot Zuniga Wednesday, 4/30/03, 10:39 AM 
I've been married to both of 'em. I was married to Ron first, but I divorced him after I caught him cheating on me with a stray dog that stayed up the road. Then I married Ted, but divorced him after he made it rich selling wingnuts. I was just in fer the $$$. Now I'm married to Paul Zuniga. He's 93. Only be a matter of time.
From: all over
Janet Goatback Porkfoot Wednesday, 4/30/03, 8:42 AM
Ted's a loser. He cheated on me with a tranvestite. And he makes Ray Goff look like the Bear.
From: far from Ted
Fatback Porkfoot Wednesday, 4/30/03, 8:39 AM
My daddy can coach like a !@?#&%?*(#!%$^!. Alabamer's going to the Superbowl. Stank.
From: Porkfoot Subdivision
Jimmy Fatback Wednesday, 4/30/03, 6:03 AM
It sure is good to see Ted get his turn with a big time program. He busted his arse to get here. I remember watching him coach those midgets that wing-t offense. Them little f@#$%^& could fly. GO PORKFOOT!
From: Bama
Shawn Thompson Wednesday, 4/30/03, 5:33 AM
Whoa!!! Coach Porkfoot has got himself some statistics! He sure does sound like he's going to be a good'un. And with that Snap-on-Tool experience and coaching YMCA ball, I think he's more than ready to coach the Tide! yeha!! RTR!!!
From: Carson City, NV
Gank Dollinger Wednesday, 4/30/03, 5:29 AM
I know Coach Porkfoot. At one time he was a Snap-on- Tool's salesman down around Brewton. Made a fortune selling folks wingnuts. After making his millions, he turned to coaching midget football. It was at that level where he perfected the wing-T -- his high powered offense. Somebody told me his YMCA team averaged 398 yards of total offense last year. He's going to be a good'un. Oh yeah, my cousin played for him a couple years ago.
From: Ganksburg, AL
Shawn Thompson Wednesday, 4/30/03, 5:21 AM
Roll Tide Roll!!! Who is this Ted Porkfoot that is going to be the new coach of the Tide? Did he play for the Bear? Anybody got any background on this cat? RTR
From: Gunnersville, AL
Pete Nutranker Wednesday, 4/30/03, 5:14 AM
Hey Goatback, I've got an Orick 8lb vac that will suck that turd right out of your bumm. If you'll get me a round trip ticket on Hooter's Air, I'll fly on over and take care of business.
From: Carson City, NV
Steven Tyler Tuesday, 4/29/03, 1:36 PM
Dude looks like a PARPER!!
From: Vegas
Ted Porkfoot Tuesday, 4/29/03, 12:49 PM
Price is out. I'm in. We'll be running the wing-T.
From: Tuscaloosa, AL
Lil' Bobby Stankalanky Tuesday, 4/29/03, 10:29 AM
Stank this, stank that. I got your stank.
From: Brooklin, NY
Crazy Lady Monday, 4/28/03, 12:25 PM
Yeah, I got yer credit card and I'm chargin' up a storm. Just finished eatin' a big ole stankin' blue cheese salad, washed it down wit a big ole stankin' brewskie ~ thanks, man.
Mike Price Friday, 4/25/03, 12:51 PM
Anybody seen my credit card?
From: Tuscaloosa, AL
Bobby Fatstanker Thursday, 4/24/03, 1:19 PM
Goatback, You just got to keep steady fightin it. It will come. I bet it sure will stank after eating that rat and possum. Them's some stanking mammals to be eatin. Fat and Stankin
From: The Fanger Lakes region (stanks around here)
E-mail:  fatstanker@ouchthatstanks.arg
Ted Porkfoot Wednesday, 4/23/03, 11:02 AM
Ron, you're an idiot. These Parp people are way too busy to care about your stankiness.
From: Jacksonville, FL
Ron Goatback Wednesday, 4/23/03, 8:02 AM
Still can't git this stanker out of my wanker... Guess I'll go ahead an eat this dead rat and see if that will upset my stomach.
From: Ludowici
Big John Stanker Wednesday, 4/23/03, 7:26 AM
This stanks. Parp really had something but now NOTHIN. We need a stupid protest and we need it NOW.
From: L.A. (lower Alabamer)
Ron Goatback Wednesday, 4/23/03, 7:05 AM
I'm all stove up. I think i'll eat this dead possum. Maybe that will help me pass this big turd.
From: Ludowici
Ted Porkfoot Monday, 4/21/03, 1:37 PM
Just got the Camino fixed. No more engine stank. All's good but I burnt my fanger messin with the tailpipe. Too bad I missed Parp week 2003 but none of you fools would pick me up when my engine went stank. I thought maybe there'd still be some parp goin' on but Augusta seems dead. I'm off to Jacksonville for the big Styx show this Friday. I'll pass out some of these Parp stickers T-Rock gave me.
From: Augusta, GA
Thursday, 4/17/03, 11:37 AM
Is it really over?... hello? hello? anyone? anyone? Bueller? Bueller? anyone?..........
Len Mattiace Tuesday, 4/15/03, 8:44 AM
Dang, I yanked the parp out of that approach on 10. Must of been that egg salad sandwich. Stankin.
From: Jacksonville
Parp Chairman of the Board Monday, 4/14/03, 7:48 AM
From: Augusta
Tiger Friday, 4/11/03, 5:53 PM
It's been a rotten day... where's the PARP rally?
Hootie Thursday, 4/10/03, 5:03 PM
where in the parp was everybody tonight? I went to the rally and me and three other parpers sat around drankin' beer in the back of my limo waitin' for the crowd to show up... oh well, guess I'll go see if Martha needs somebody to hang out with tonight....
From: Augusta
Hootie Thursday, 4/10/03, 11:54 AM
Thank God for PARP ~ I'd have a nervous breakdown at those news conferences if it weren't for the knowledge that PARP is out there supporting me. Every time I squint through my glasses, I'm sending a subliminal message to all of my fellow parpers - and that message is: "this is so ridiculous". I'll see y'all at the rally tonight.
From: Augusta
Tim Stanknose Wednesday, 4/9/03, 10:26 AM
Martha sure has messed up this time. Spending precious time and money, she thought she could out- shout, recraft the issues, and prevail against the National. Maybe she was right -- until the day that PARP was founded. PARP is a powerful tool for the reasonable person. Through this group, reasonable folks with sound judgment, can take a stand against the ridiculous protest. We've just formed a PARP chapter up here in Goose Neck.From: Goose Neck, ID
Usay Hussein Tuesday, 4/8/03, 6:33 AM
My last words...long live Parp..
From: Baghdad
Corey Feldman Monday, 4/7/03, 12:47 PM
Whoa Corey! That's a totally, you know, ahhh, ahhh, radically cool idea. You know, these guys are awesome. And, you know, I could really play this Joey Baggs guy. You know, this is radically cool. I think I'm going to head on over to Augusta and hook up with these radically cool dudes, you know.
From: Hollywood, CA
Corey Haim Monday, 4/7/03, 12:23 PM
This PARP thing is cool. If they ever make a movie about it, I will play the part of the founder, that Wiggins guy. My friend Corey Feldman could play his friend Joey Baggs. It would be like, so totally farout and radical!!
From: Hollywood CA
Ted Porkfoot Friday, 4/4/03, 1:05 PM
still sittin' by my stanky car. I'm west of Thomson I think. I've got an REO SPEEDWAGON 1981 world tour tanktop on, cut-off blue jeans, and black reeboks. The engine's not as stanky as before but I'm ready to get to Augusta. Please send a Parp.
From: smae place I was earlier
Ted Porkfoot Friday, 4/4/03, 10:59 AM
My El Camino just blowed up on I-20. I need a ride parp people. I am big supporter and I need a freakin' ride. My engine's puttin' out a serious stank. T.P.
From: Broken down on I-20
Ray Goff Friday, 4/4/03, 8:27 AM
Anyone who'd steal your tractor would parp your dog.
From: Watkinsville, GA
E-mail:  can'tbeatUF@ilovezaxby'
Pamela Parp Anderson Friday, 4/4/03, 7:26 AM
My name is KKKKKKIIIIIIIDDDDDD! Actually Mrs. KKKKKKKKIIIIIIIIIDDDDDDDDD! Me and my better have were planning on coming down for the Parp Rally in the Garden City until I found out Tommy Lee was going to be there. He sucks.
From: Detroit Rock City
Pregnant Lady Friday, 4/4/03, 6:48 AM
Take a Parp in a Bucket
From: Lowcash
Enrique Iglesias Thursday, 4/3/03, 12:39 PM
You can run, you can hide, but you can't escape my PARP!
From: Spain
Tony Ament Wednesday, 4/2/03, 11:47 AM
When my cousin down in Savannah told me about People Against Ridiculous Protests I immediately called everyone I know in Sullivan and by god we now have a chapter. Only 8 guys but it's still a chapter. I usually make it down for the tournament but unfortunately this year will not be able to. Hopefully the protest goes well. I'll be watching out for Parp on CNN. And if you're still going strong next April I'll be in touch. Don't put up with the ridiculous. Martha Sucks. Tony
From: Sullivan, Indiana
Hiawatha Berry Wednesday, 4/2/03, 7:04 AM
The stickers have arrived.
From: Griffin
E-mail:  fullbackornoseguard@itdon'
Hans Blix Tuesday, 4/1/03, 6:29 AM
When's the parpin' rally?
From: U freakin' N
Robert Zimmerman Tuesday, 4/1/03, 6:11 AM
The answer my friend is parpin' in the wind, the answer is parpin' in the wind.
From: NY, NY

Beth Livingston Monday, 3/31/03, 5:04 PM
Way to go, Deke! We're very proud of you here in South Carolina! Aunt Beth
From: SC

George Rogers Monday, 3/31/03, 6:39 AM
My goal this week is to raise $1500 or $2000 for Parp, whichever comes first.
From: Columbia, SC
Mark Richt Monday, 3/31/03, 6:33 AM
I've got one thing to say to the Parp Nation, "Finish the Drill".
From: Butts-Mehre, GA
Gary Coleman Friday, 3/28/03, 1:12 PM
You guys need some security at the party?
From: Los Angeles, California
J. Murphy Friday, 3/28/03, 12:52 PM
Great work parp. Some of the sign-ins seem a little strange but I love the concept. Give em hell.
From: Grand Island, Nebraska
Jimmy Fivespeed Friday, 3/28/03, 10:23 AM
Oh my. T-Rock's gonna real fired up when I tell him about Parp.
From: Augusta, GA
Terry Cullen Friday, 3/28/03, 10:19 AM
Yes, I'm Teeerrrryyy Cuuullllllen! I'm the man that will put you in a truck! I've got a Master's special going for any PARP members that what to get into a Silverado. No money down. No interest for a year. And I'll even throw in a bag jerky if you buy before the final round on sunday. Terry Cullen!! Terry Cullen!!
From: Union City, GA
d5c Friday, 3/28/03, 9:44 AM
wish i was there at the rally. keep on parpin the free world....classic!!!
From: athens ga
Ted Porkfoot Friday, 3/28/03, 7:30 AM
I made it to the big rally in Charleston the other night. It was alright until that midget bit my fanger. Also that bar sure is stanky.
From: Jessup, GA
Dick trickle Thursday, 3/27/03, 7:17 PM
Finally someone comes along to give me the strength to not stand for anything. To not lash out against my upper middle class suburbian oppression. The world needs more pioneres like you to stand up to those truffle shaving, cheese eating, bedet slurping, surender monkeys in france.
From: suburbia, ohio
Allan Iverson Thursday, 3/27/03, 7:09 PM
we talkin about PARP. we aint talkin about no game, we talkin about PARP. PPAAARRRP. PARP. not no game, PARP!
From: Phillidelphizzle
Big Punisher Thursday, 3/27/03, 9:12 AM
I'm not a playa I just parp a lot
From: the hood
jojo and peckahawk Wednesday, 3/26/03, 1:12 PM
Me and jo jo want to clog at the parp rally. Give us our clogging shoes and martha burk wont know what hit her. Yay parp!
From: yatesville, ga
E-mail:  we aint got email
Terry Cummings Wednesday, 3/26/03, 8:20 AM
Can I sing the National Anthem at the rally?
From: Dallas, TX
George Felkstilier Wednesday, 3/26/03, 8:18 AM
I read about you guys in USA Today and let me tell you PARP is the best damn idea I've heard since the Steelers cut Franco Harris. Keep Parpin'down there, I'll keep the propoganda flowin' up here in PA.
From: Pittsburgh, PA
D5c Tuesday, 3/25/03, 9:23 PM
thank you deekie wiggins for such a fine cause. werd to y'all and them and keep up the good work.!!!
From: athens ga
Rolf Zamboni Tuesday, 3/25/03, 1:56 PM
It's finally nice to see site dedicated to good, sound judgment. How can I join up? I'd like to open up a chapter here in Zankertown.
From: Zankertown
Low Rider Tuesday, 3/25/03, 9:34 AM
good ole pals, good ole parps, its all good.
From: some strange sofa
Parpin Bin Laden Monday, 3/24/03, 5:19 PM
I'm all for it as long as you stay on your continent
From: Confidential
Rico Rolientario Monday, 3/24/03, 1:26 PM
Parp's getting big over here in the Lone Star state. My brother Geraldo started a local chapter last weekend. Parp On.
From: San Antonio, TX
Sean "Parpy" Combs Monday, 3/24/03, 11:14 AM
It's all about the parp-jamin$, baby
From: east coast
PARP VADER Monday, 3/24/03, 10:21 AM
Use the PARP, luke. THe PARP is with you.
From: Death Star
Joey Balogna Monday, 3/24/03, 8:56 AM
Sippin' on Juice & Gin, dreamin' 'bout a worldwide parp empire. Yeah man.
From: Ochlocknee, GA
Donnie Stankhead Monday, 3/24/03, 7:53 AM
You might be a dog but your mama's a parp.
From: Butts County
Baggs Sunday, 3/23/03, 12:51 PM
Calender Update: no luck with the girls yet but will stop by Hooter's tommorrow.
From: Harrisburg Heights
charlie fair Sunday, 3/23/03, 12:40 PM
long live parp.
From: beech island, south carolina
charlie fair Sunday, 3/23/03, 12:40 PM
From: beech island, south carolina
John T, Rasmusthienegreen Saturday, 3/22/03, 7:23 PM
Lets get the word out folks, people need to hear this message.
From: Palo Alto, Califiornia
Patty Arpin Saturday, 3/22/03, 4:45 PM
If I continue to see those freakin' war protestors acting like idiots with their signs... I'm gonna parp them!
From: Parpville, PA
Doug Parper Friday, 3/21/03, 6:13 PM
I'm offended, but hey I'm sure you're doing some excellent work there in Augusta. Down with them all.
From: Cleveland, OH
Cole Sear Friday, 3/21/03, 5:16 AM
I see ridiculous people.
From: Philadelphia
Saddam Hussein Thursday, 3/20/03, 1:09 PM
I've been trying to start a group like this for 12 years, but no one believes in my sincerity? Is there a regional chapter I could contact? Gotta go....
From: Iraq
Dennis Rodman Thursday, 3/20/03, 8:21 AM
Fifty percent of life in the NBA is sex. The other fifty percent is money....
From: L.A. E-mail:
Rollie Fangers Thursday, 3/20/03, 8:16 AM
When the going gets tough the tough go parpin'
From: America
Ted Porkfoot Thursday, 3/20/03, 8:08 AM
Great interview last night! In a country full of ridiculous people with ridiculous causes, it's nice to see a reasonable man such as yourself finally taking a stand. Your group has a chance to make a statement: We're not going to put up will a bunch of bull PARP anymore. If these folks want to be ridiculous, they should be prepared to suffer the consequences. Way to go!
From: Climax, GA
W. Bransford Thursday, 3/20/03, 6:52 AM
Great radio interview last night. Ridiculous People Suck.
From: Princeton, IN
Christina Wednesday, 3/19/03, 10:16 PM
Great site!!! I want to cast my vote....I Think Tiger should put PARP on the chute ;)
From: Poplar Bluff, Missouri
Ray Lebowski Wednesday, 3/19/03, 9:12 PM
This sounds like a very good idea--a group founded to protest all the stupid protests that so enrapture the media and so befoul our national discourse. Heaven knows it's a lot easier to film a protest full of cute soundbites than to actually discuss an issue in a civilized manner, so of course the media sludge is attracted to Martha, Hootie, and the other idiots who choose to interpose their unwanted opinions, such as those moral pillars Jesse Jackson and the KKK. Keep up the good work, and I hope to hear many good things from your nascent group.
From: Fairfield, OH
Cheif Knockahoma Wednesday, 3/19/03, 7:21 PM
Just heard Cheif Wanguns preach some excellent gospel on the Szaban show. Dang, where were you guys when a bunch of ridiculous liberal protesters cost me the best job this Native American will ever have? Talk about ridiculous. I've had it. I would retroactively like to parp on those who commited these atrocious protests and Cheif Wahoo is with me. Down with the ridiculous.
From: Atlanta
George W. Bush Wednesday, 3/19/03, 7:08 PM
Hey PARP: You got my support. AS soon as this war in IRAQ Z is over, I may even jet down to Augusta to help you protest that bitch Martha Burk. Later Parpers, I got me a war to win. GWB
From: Crawford, Texas
Steady Fighter Wednesday, 3/19/03, 4:32 PM
Man, i been steady fightin it
From: augusta
Notorious P.A.R.P Wednesday, 3/19/03, 1:40 PM
Big parppa's been smooth since the days of underoos
From: east coast
Deon Figures Wednesday, 3/19/03, 8:47 AM
Nice work guys. If Parp needs a spokesman I'm there. Some people still know my name.
From: somewhere in Pennsylvania
Lil' Ronnie Thunder Wednesday, 3/19/03, 8:34 AM
Good God Man. Parp's spreadin' like a disease. It's only Parp but I like it.
From: Talladega, Alabama
R. Franklin Wednesday, 3/19/03, 7:29 AM
What's this I hear about a rally?
From: Social Circle, GA
E.J. Knuckles Tuesday, 3/18/03, 1:33 PM
I'll smoke her......
From: Jersey
queen bee Tuesday, 3/18/03, 1:19 PM
From: hell
Gordon Soley Tuesday, 3/18/03, 1:04 PM
I have followed the PARP saga closely from my home in the hereafter. Thank you for being a shining beacon of wisdom and righteousness. p.s. Andre the Giant says hello
From: the astral plane
The Reverend Jesse Jackson Tuesday, 3/18/03, 12:34 PM
Well, all the little parpers and parpettes. I see you is discriminating and procrastinating, but let me offer some words of indoctrination, and indignation, with some even of insubordination, and aberration. We will gather in Augusta to protest the 400 years of Oppression by the white mens over the sable sons of Africa, and the womens too. THis discrimination must face elimination, without hesitation, or else my black brothers will rise with recrimination, without hesitation, and avenge the abomination of discrimination. Praise de lord.
From: Heaven, Michigan
Hans Blix Tuesday, 3/18/03, 12:29 PM
Yes, I have the coolest freakin' name on the planet.
From: U.N.
James Stankdigit Tuesday, 3/18/03, 12:11 PM
For the Masters/PARP rally the Friday night of the Masters, I recommend that you get the great Metallica cover band Master of Parpets. I probably shouldn't have eaten that packet of powdered gravy I found in the Augusta National parking lot. Stankin'
From: Rattenfanger, Florida

J. Greybohn Tuesday, 3/18/03, 10:46 AM
I'll be in town for the Masters and need to find out where the Parps like to hang. This parp's for you.
From: Tuscaloosa, AL
Ted Nugent Tuesday, 3/18/03, 10:14 AM
The Spirit of PARP is flowing through me like the Spirit of the wild. Kill her and Grill her. Rock and Roll.
From: Indiana
Floyddrayviez J.R. De'Nisejay "NIsejay" Watkins Tuesday, 3/18/03, 9:59 AM
Good site man. Ms. Burk is an angry old woman with some crazy ideas. Try reading some of her thoughts on sterilizing men. She's way out there and it's incredible that the media gives her such deference. It's very similar to the way the media doesn't ask Ted Kennedy much about being the "Hero of Chappaquiddick." At any rate, good luck and keep up the good work. Nisejay
From: Atlanta
Jerry Franchioni Tuesday, 3/18/03, 7:56 AM
Is this a joke?
From: Atlanta
Tuesday, 3/18/03, 7:54 AM
Clay Strummer Tuesday, 3/18/03, 7:50 AM
Great website. I also don't give a parp. And never will by the way.
From: College Park, Marlyland
Joey Baggs Tuesday, 3/18/03, 6:26 AM
Way to go ole pal! I think you're really on to something. You want me to start a calender?
From: Augusta
Crackin' Up Monday, 3/17/03, 4:09 PM
Y'all are too damn funny ~ the most entertainment I've had all year... Go Deke! Great website!
From: Down South
Mike D. Monday, 3/17/03, 2:20 PM
I too am bothered by people who care passionately about topics that I could care less about.
From: Chicago
H. Simpson Monday, 3/17/03, 1:49 PM
Doh!! Give praise and thanks to Chief Wiggins for his genious ways. We should rename a National PARP after him. I like monkeys.
From: Springfield
Bobby Stanger Monday, 3/17/03, 10:04 AM
I don't give a parp either.
From: Paris, Texas
Larry Monday, 3/17/03, 8:32 AM
Sweet, free internet parp with no parp-ups. What's the Girls Gone P.A.R.P calender and video release date?
From: Albany
Kennedy Monday, 3/17/03, 8:09 AM
Kudos to your coordinating this... Silly Protestors, Golf is for Golfers!
From: Augusta

cw Monday, 3/17/03, 5:21 AM
From: augusta
Jamie Jaffe, Jr. Friday, 3/14/03, 1:04 PM
Hello, My name is James Jaffe, Jr., but if you are a PARP member, please call me Jamie. Let me begin by thanking the Augusta, Georgia Chapter of PARP and its Exalted Ruler, Deke Wiggins, for creating a divine inspiration for the rest of us around the country. Here in upstate New York, I am creating a PARP outpost, if you will, and have already gotten 17 members, with more on the way! We are currently in the process of renting a bus to Augusta for the Masters so that we can protest alongside our southern, PARP brethren against all the witchery and demogoguery. All across the land, parpers are heeding the call. PARPers of the world unite!! In spirit and in PARP, Jamie Jaffe, Jr.
From: Rochester, New York
Dusty Rhodes Friday, 3/14/03, 12:52 PM
Whoa! Let's stop talking about it Martha Burk! It's time to PARPup or shut up. If you're going to protest, then go ahead a do it. Start right now. Please just go ahead. The Dream is getting tired of your big fat mouth whining to the media. I'd like to drop an atomic elbow on your arse.
From: Cobb County, GA
Paul McCartney Friday, 3/14/03, 12:48 PM
Strawberry Parp Forever!!
From: Liverpool
Tarek El Gammal Friday, 3/14/03, 12:34 PM
"Where's the PARP?" In Chicago, that's where. PARP is blowing through the Windy City with a vengence. Wiggins is said to be the heir-apparent to the Daley Dynasty. And that's PARP'n fine by me!
From: Chicago, IL
Cladidius Weems Friday, 3/14/03, 12:19 PM
What up dog, dis PARP is kickin..Had to get me sum PARP. Done put it bling bling where it ching ching Dissin martha burk is da bomb..Bust a cap in that ho ass, ole stank honky beotch done better get gone
From: Quilley Street
Martha Burk Friday, 3/14/03, 12:12 PM
Damn PARPers, you make me want to hike up my hairy legs and parp all over you!
From: Burkettsville, Maryland
Ted Porkfoot Friday, 3/14/03, 12:02 PM
You damn right Deke! Give'm hell!!! That damn woman's got no business being so damn ridiculous. I sure wish i could stick my foot right in her burk!
From: Paris, TX
Steve Stang Friday, 3/14/03, 11:53 AM
Good site dude. Up with people. Down with Burk.
From: Panama City, FL
Paul Wanker Friday, 3/14/03, 11:49 AM
What in the sam hill is this place? PARP... sounds like something an old dog does.
From: The Rock, GA

Tory Redding Friday, 3/14/03, 8:38 AM
I've found what I'm looking for.
From: Albany, NY
Blair Andrews Friday, 3/14/03, 7:22 AM
I applaud your parpin' efforts.
From: Atlanta
Sterling Marlin Friday, 3/14/03, 7:09 AM
From: Tennessee
Cord Kilpatrick Friday, 3/14/03, 4:34 AM
From: Augusta
P. Thursday, 3/13/03, 8:11 PM
I used Teri for years in order to quell my anger against Jesse and his crew, however PARP has given me a new outlet and eager ears that understand my pain. Thank you PARP, you will never know how you have changed my life.
From: Nashville
Neal Lampley Thursday, 3/13/03, 6:21 PM
What a great concept!! I'm so sick and tired of all of these ridiculous protests, and I'm glad there's an organization out there that agrees with me! I think all of these protesters would do everyone a great favor and JUST GO GET A DAMN JOB instead of complaining about how they have been deprived of something!!!! Keep up the great work, Neal
From: Nashville, TN

Pony Ritchason Thursday, 3/13/03, 2:20 PM
I love putting all of these issues in my PARP and smoking it.
From: Nashvegas
Phil Greene Thursday, 3/13/03, 2:17 PM
Outstanding work Deke. You speak volumes for many of us. Phil
From: Atlanta
Susan Mabry Thursday, 3/13/03, 2:07 PM
This is a totally "parpin" web site...the web designer is a genius and Deke Wiggins will go down in the record book as the guy that had the balls to do what we all have wanted to do.....
From: Atlanta, GA
Patrick McMahon Thursday, 3/13/03, 2:00 PM
Why do you people have so much animosity towards being ridiculous?
From: Georgia
Deke's Mom Thursday, 3/13/03, 1:35 PM
This has been great fun! Terrific website too!
From: Augusta