Vivtory Statement
People Against Ridiculous ProtestsOfficial statement:

for immediate release - March 13, 2003

PARP not to Protest at Augusta National Golf Club

Augusta, GA - The Augusta-Richmond County Sheriff's Department has denied People Against Ridiculous Protests' (PARP) request to demonstrate outside the Augusta National Golf Club on Saturday, April 12, 2003.  In response to this denial, the PARP board of directors has decided not to appeal the decision.  Additionally, the organization has chosen not to demonstrate at the provisionally approved location.

"We feel victorious in that all groups that applied to protest at the Augusta National were denied," stated Deke Wiggins, PARP president and CEO.  "It has come to our attention that some of the groups we deem 'ridiculous' have stated they are willing to protest illegally if denied their original request and desired location.  We will not attempt to form any illegal protests so as not to tarnish our organization's good name and reputation by conflicting with police.  Our main goal was to bring light to the ridiculousness of all these protests, and our goal has been accomplished."

On March 10 when PARP filed an application to protest, the organization had only a handful of members.  Since then and as a result of both local and national media attention, the organization has attracted more than enough supporters to fill the 197 slots requested in the application.

"We want to thank Sheriff Ronnie Strength for his professionalism and fairness in dealing with the many protest applications.  The fact that our group, which started just a few days ago, has garnered so much attention and support proves how ridiculous all of these protests have become," added Wiggins.  "The right to protest and to stand up for a cause is one of our rights as Americans; however, we feel that all the protest talk swirling around the Augusta National shows that the issue is growing ridiculous...enough is enough.

PARP was formed just days ago in response to the many individuals and organizations including Martha Burk's National Council of Women's Organization, that are protesting the Augusta National Golf Club's policy of not admitting women members.