Fall 1991
The founding members of PARP meet for the first time in Athens, GA at the Univeristy of Georgia
Summer, 2002
Feminist Nut Martha Burk demands that the Augusta National Golf Course invite a female member
March 7, 2003
PARP idea develops as Wiggins enjoys happy hour at the Bee's Knees
March 8 & 9
Wiggins' idea is hailed as one of the greats of alltime by friends and supporters
March 10
PARP applies for permit to protest along side Burk and other protester on April 12, Wiggins holds two press conferences in front yard
March 11-12
PARP goes national, appears in USA Today, NY Times, NY Daily News, Chicago Tribune, and more
March 12
all protest applicants, including PARP, are denied permits to protest in front of the Augusta National
March 13
PARP releases statement claiming victory. Original PARP website (www.parp.homestead.com) is born
March 20
PARP leader does his first radio show, the Steve Czaban Show on Fox Sports
March 21
PARP appears in the first of many international newspapers, Globe and Mail, Canada's leading source for online news
March 26
Charleston, SC PARP Rally takes place in Cumberland's Bar
March 27-April 4
PARP opens offices in Charleston, SC, Griffin, GA, & Savannah, GA
Masters Week 2003
April 8
PARP does Miami, FL radio show
April 9
PARP does Santa Barbara, CA radio show
April 10
PARP does Phoenix, AZ radio show
April 11
PARP does Syracuse, NY radio show, PARP Rally at the BBQ Pit draws thousands
April 12
Protest Day: PARP dominates protest by simply putting up banner, Martha Burk has crappy day
April 14
PARP gives victory interview to Davenport, IA radio show